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Didier Lebrun dl at vaour.net
Dim 9 Oct 22:27:00 CEST 2005

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>After many delays and almost a year since the last stable m0n0wall
>release, I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of m0n0wall
>1.2. Several new features have been added, existing ones have been
>improved, the webGUI has been made even easier to use, and many bugs
>have been fixed.
>This release marks the end of a long beta cycle with 9 beta releases,
>including a short excursion into using FreeBSD 5.3 as the base
>operating system, which proved to be impractical. It is clear though
>that FreeBSD 4.x is approaching the end of its life, and alternatives
>must be sought. The discussion about the future of m0n0wall (in terms
>of base operating system and architecture) will be launched soon on
>this mailing list.
>The most important changes in this release:
>- IPsec certificate support
>- improved firewall rule handling in the webGUI
>- RFC 2136 DNS updater
>- more diagnostics pages (Traceroute, ARP, firewall states)
>- PPPoE/PPTP dial-on-demand
>- DHCP relay service
>- bigger filter state table (30000 entries)
>- logging for PPTP VPN and captive portal; firewall log filtering
>- RADIUS accounting for PPTP VPN
>- captive portal improvements (HTTPS login, RADIUS, etc.)
>- console speed no longer fixed to 9600 bps
>- IDE hard disk standby option for generic-pc
>- more NIC drivers; support for polling
>- all components updated to the latest version
>- countless small improvements in the webGUI
>- many bug fixes
>Upgrading from 1.11 or any of the 1.2b versions shouldn't cause any
>problems. There are two things to keep in mind, though:
>- The firewall is no longer bypassed for traffic that enters and
>leaves through the same interface (due to static routes) by default.
>This is now a configurable option on the advanced setup page.
>- If you've been using OpenVPN in earlier 1.2b versions, make very
>sure after upgrading that all your rules still point to the right
>interfaces (the OpenVPN pseudo-interfaces will be removed). Better
>yet, restore the configuration backup you made before you enabled
>OpenVPN (as per the suggestion in the webGUI) prior to upgrading.
>Downloads are available at:
>Full change log:

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