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Bonjour la liste,

Le 24 GHz est-il libre en France ?


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Sujet: 	airFiber Now Shipping
Date : 	Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:03:49 -0000
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airFiber now shipping
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  * airFiber picture

    “Upon receiving the Air Fiber Units we were pleased with the unit
    construction and mechanical features, which made it easy to install
    and align.

    Field tests have proven that it works as advertised, pushing 700
    Mbps fdx without any sweat. Ubiquiti has delivered a true Market

    Gino VillariniAeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
  * airFiber picture

    “One of the fastest, easiest to deploy microwave systems on the
    market. Even with our link at 4 miles, during a normal rain storm,
    we only saw a 3-4db signal fade. VERY impressive for this frequency
    of radio.”

    Travis JohnsonMicroserv
  * airFiber picture

    “We have installed two links, each at one of our offices so we could
    keep an eye on them. Aiming was simple and precise with the included
    mounts. We really liked the LED readout along with the options for
    audio alignment and web-based alignment tools. The radios really do
    perform as advertised!

    We now have plans to deploy these to on many of our towers, much
    sooner than we had anticipated upgrading to licensed links.”

    Randy CosbyInfoWest
  * airFiber picture

    “Shelby Broadband installed the AirFiber link with ease. The
    installation of the equipment was made easy by the way the mounting
    system works. After the initial alignment we ran speed tests through
    the weekend at full speed without a single issue.

    We anticipate the AirFiber product will be a game changer in the way
    we build our network moving forward. AirFiber will allow us to
    provide high capacity bandwidth meeting our customer demands while
    using an unlicensed frequency immediately.

    Now we'll be able to drop in a 700Mb/s FD link at a fraction of the
    setup costs and without any FCC Licensing delay.”

    Chuck HoggShelby Broadband

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