[Ran] Freifunk 1.6.33

Arhainx Jean arhainx at trebons.net
Jeu 27 Nov 09:49:22 CET 2008


Mon animation personnelle de la liste ;-)

La 1.6.33 vient de sortir de sa tanière

2008-Nov-16 Started fff-1.6.33

Several complaints about olsrd-0.5.6 convinced me
to start a new version. Fixed olsrd-forwarding (ref
to http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd-0.5.6)

Still Todo:

add robots.txt
ulf: whats wrong with multi-iface-olsr?
aburgf: gateway pack oopses? (see below)
ff_autorun does not work ok
lower beacon rate to 1 per sec?
check sip nat module (does not load, GPLVIOLAT)
repair olsr-restarted-iface-boinks
statistik: etx graph (leipzig?)
prio for class5/expedited forwarding?
Firmware Version aus /etc/freifunk-release+olsr-ver
correct+update iptel packages (snat lib to stock fw?)
 ToS Byte: P2  P1  P0  Dly Tpu Rel CU1 CU0
 DS Field: DS5 DS4 DS3 DS2 DS1 DS0 ECN ECN
 Cisco: "Classifying VoIP Signaling and Media with DSCP for QoS":
 Default DSCP for RTP: 101 110xx (Preced 5, LowDelay, HighTput, NormReli)
 Default DSCP for SIP: 011 010xx (Preced 3, NormDelay, NormTput, NormReli)
 ToS for RTP = 0xb8
 ToS for SIP = 0x68
der dnsmasq geht ab, wenn das gateway-pack die updates
der white/blacklist zieht?
karte: point & click geocoords

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