[Ran] Sortie Freifunk 1.6.3

Arhainx Jean arhainx at trebons.net
Jeu 20 Sep 13:24:29 CEST 2007

La nouvelle version de Freifunk est sortie....

Si Didier a vu juste, plus que 2 versions a attendre ;-)

Le ChangeLog entre la1.6.2 et 1.6.3
2007-Sep-18 (1.6.3) maint and fixes

ff-devel/Makefile enhancements by Friedrich Lobenstock. He wrote:

* The option '-a' to mk-all.sh is handled automatically on the first
  call to 'make' or 'make all' respectively.
* A call to mk-all.sh with option '-a' is transformed into 'make 
  but as one the first call the whole system is built this is usually 
not needed.
* 'make clean' removes ./buildroot

Added kmod-soundcore and kmod-audio (for USB sound sticks). Custom intro.jpg
does not shop up if not mini_fo is fixed. Added some sound appz/libs from a
new kamikaze toolchain (-> ff-firmware.sf.net/ff-ng/). Again, the "olsrd"
package has the actual "refactored" olsrd with debug info etc. Simply use
"ipkg install olsrd" to check it out. Added a new freifunk-radio.ipk as a
sample to install audio and hear Freifunk Radio aka "Rundfreifunk" (the CCC
Camp broadcast). Simply "ipkg update;ipkg install freifunk-radio;reboot",
then play with the "freifunk-radio" command.

Todo/Ideas after new stable 1.6.0

- Test Removing refrences to int_name (aka "interface") from olsr
- accounting with 2 ifaces
- bittorrent/1000 connection autofirewall (gatewaypack)
- statistics addons (look: leipzig.ff.net)
- correct freifunk-portfw (not useable with WAN)
- add plugin for scriptcall if # of neighs change
  (to set mrate, to set ff_noprobe etc).
- make freifunk-map.ipk a bit more compat
- add batman pack to recommended and for nylon
- add Message-Statistics to evaluate who's sending TC's too fast.
- Add LinkQualityMidOpt to OLSR (will send iface-index and
  is_wireless, is_adhoc, is_arp via TC/Hello and change ETX calc)
- Add HnaQualityMult to OLSR (LQMult only for HNA0/0)
- Make a script to generate own ipkg's on the WRT
- Automatic mirror selection for download.berlin.freifunk.net
- Rework admin/software: iframe for output, dropdown instead buttons.
- Fix: pppoe daily disconnect adds a new MASQ to -t nat
- Map-Link not off if gps-position unset (/var/run/latlon.txt?)
- bcrelay mit pptpd
- Admin/Soft1/Recomm wie IE7 does not work
- gw-redirect-url im gateway-paket (default-nvram checken)
- Buffalo WHR-G54S: erase nvram is ok

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