[Ran] Mise a jour Freifunk

Didier Lebrun dl at vaour.net
Lun 3 Sep 12:41:23 CEST 2007

Merci Jean :-)

J'essaierai la nouvelle version sur qqs noeuds en attendant que la
lignée 1.6.* se stabilise. Il y a un point qui m'étonne
particulièrement, c'est:

"> 2007-Jun-25 (1.5.5) RTS/CTS
> After a lengthy discussion, we now recommend to switch off RTS/CTS
> completely. To do this, the red X in the Web-UI's todo list now
> reflects this."

... il va falloir que je prenne connaissance de la "lenthy discussion"
pour comprendre !?


Arhainx Jean a écrit :
> Bonjour,
> Bien que très discret ces derniers temps Sven Ola a continué les mises à 
> jour de Freifunk.
> La 1.6.1 est désormais publique !
> http://download-master.berlin.freifunk.net/ipkg/
> Les des modifications depuis la 1.4.5 ....
> 2007-Sep-02 (1.6.1) firmware addon for hotplug
> Added a firmware handler for rt61 and rt73 ralink kernel modules,
> which request a firmware via the hotplug system. Fixed Status/Scan
> because "iwlist XXX scan" differs between madwifi and rt61 drivers.
> Hide Admin/OLSR/ff_bmf because it's unused currently.
> 2007-Sep-01 (1.6.0) fixes and olsr enhancements
> Added kmod-rt73 to easily install my HAMA (Ralink) USB WLAN Sticks.
> Changed the olsrd-NatThreshold to include the selected inetgw for
> query if ETX route-damping should happen or not. Removed the devel
> stuff from S53olsrd. Changed default date in S60rdate to 01-sep-07.
> Added WLC_BAND(a|b) in /sbin/wifi if wl0_phytype=a or wl0_phytype=g.
> Corrected the TOTMEM query which disables freifunk-recommended on
> Admin/Software1 if memory is below 8192 Kbyte.
> Todo/Ideas after new stable 1.6.0
> - Test Removing refrences to int_name (aka "interface") from olsr
> - accounting with 2 ifaces
> - bittorrent/1000 connection autofirewall (gatewaypack)
> - statistics addons (look: leipzig.ff.net)
> - correct freifunk-portfw (not useable with WAN)
> - add plugin for scriptcall if # of neighs change
>   (to set mrate, to set ff_noprobe etc).
> - make freifunk-map.ipk a bit more compat
> - add batman pack to recommended and for nylon
> - add Message-Statistics to evaluate who's sending TC's too fast.
> - Add LinkQualityMidOpt to OLSR (will send iface-index and
>   is_wireless, is_adhoc, is_arp via TC/Hello and change ETX calc)
> - Add HnaQualityMult to OLSR (LQMult only for HNA0/0)
> - Make a script to generate own ipkg's on the WRT
> - Automatic mirror selection for download.berlin.freifunk.net
> - Rework admin/software: iframe for output, dropdown instead buttons.
> 2007-Aug-29 (1.5.33) fiddeling with olsrd
> Added a plausicheck for serialize_lq (truncating a float to the
> required uchar may result in 0.xx if floating point rounding err).
> Resynced olsrd patches to current CVS. Corrected rt-refactoring-fixes
> for BSD and Win32 (new functions: if_ifwithindex & if_ifwithindex_name).
> Removed the Eth_Advantage because it's a bad idea. We need a protocol
> change/extenstion for that and I have no good idea how to introduce this
> while having compat with old olsrd's. Replaced with LinkQualityMidOpt which
> is a boolean, currently not active. The idea: use info received via MID msgs
> to change ETX=1+1+1 into ETX=1+0+1 if a eth/managed mode link is involved.
> Which may come nearer to real live, because those have no store-and-forward.
> Included the lq_packet-deserialize-optimization from Bernd for the 
> firmware's
> freifunk-olsrd. Fixed a bug in S45firewall/netparam, which prevents the NAT
> and firewall rules to apply, if the WAN device has not aquired an IP (e.g.
> DHCP) during startup. Changed cron.minutely, because the "local.fw" in there
> is crap, it should read "local.cron".
> 2007-Aug-27 (1.5.32) olsrd-rt-refactoring
> Hannes has completed his rt-refactoring stuff. I've changed the
> olsrd.ipk to include these. Note, that metric is 1 or 2 with this
> patch, so olsr-viz will show the complete mesh (which is unusable
> in bigger meshes). For the standard pre-installed olsrd, I'll stay
> without rt-refactoring currently. Fixed a bug in txtinfo (/neigh
> does sometimes print out all) for both and reworked the nameservice
> to be version5-plugin compat. Fixed a bug in Admin/System so this
> page should function as ususal now. Added new params: EthAdvantage
> (defaults to 4.0) and HnaQualityMult (currently unused).
> 2007-Aug-23 (1.5.31) More fixes
> Added more config statements for S20madwifi. Changed olsrd lat-lon
> input from config to /var/run/latlon.txt which may be altered
> during runtime. Corrected a web ui bug on Admin/OLSR, which resets
> ff_wldhcp if no freifunk-dnsmasq and you submitted the page. Updated
> to dropbear-0.49 which saves a few bytes, corrects the "-x" warning
> with scp and removes the reverse-dns-lookup for a new connect.
> Reworked the "routing-cleanup" and "policy-routing" patches for olsrd,
> to support removing the network route from an interface and to stop
> olsrd from complaining about routeadd/routedel errors.
> 2007-Aug-16 (1.5.30) wl noprobe to wifi wdog
> End of Camp. Tetzlav wrote: noprobe setting gets lost after
> a while. Added to "/sbin/wifi wdog" (similar to wl0_distance).
> Upgraded to tinc-1.0.7. Added madwifi-modules and wireless
> tools. For this, also included the GPL-Tainted check in the
> busybox insmod. Added "nvram get ff_ath_param" to the module
> loading stuff for ath_pci as well as a meaningful init script.
> Also fixed error output if /etc/olsrd.conf not exist on the
> main web page. Removed the olsrd-libs,ipk, because people tend
> to mix the normal (debug) version's plugins with the special
> olsrd daemon in the firmware which is optimized for size+speed.
> Both daemon and plugins are in one ipkg now. Added wpa_supplicant.
> 2007-Aug-12 (1.5.29) wl noprobe
> The CCC summer camp. Our routers get hammered with probe
> requests from gadgets. Dunno, maybe forgotten wifi stuff
> powered but unattended. All routers respond with a probe
> response. Thus consuming all the airtime because all routers
> respond and the probe request is seen quite frequently. Added
> a "noprobe" option to the wl command as well as a ff_noprobe
> setting to /sbin/wifi (this is only active if ad-hoc).
> 2007-Aug-10 (1.5.28) Even more fixes, NatThreshold
> Dnsmasq config change, dhcp-script=/etc/dhcp-script. This will
> execute all scripts in /etc/dhcp-script.d which begins with two
> digits. The last versions include the "routing-cleanup" which
> also have a small threshold for HNA-0/0 ("Inet") routes
> compiled in. Added a setting to olsrd.conf and wrote a
> small readme (currently in olsrd-routing-cleanup.patch).
> Changed the default (+algo) from 5% to 10% because to my
> experience the ETX value of a loaded link may suffer from
> the load by this percentage. Moved the "kill -HUP dnsmasq"
> (reread /etc/hosts) from cron.minutely to cron.hourly.
> Added intro.jpg switch to admin/software1 to replace the
> function from the not-installed admin/publish ipkg. Added
> . /etc/profile to S50httpd in order to set the TZ env var
> for a correct $(date) in all scripts (e.g. statistics).
> Fixed an operator presedence bug with () in cron.minutely
> which prevent "wifi up" in managed/master if wifi is dead.
> Checked the freifunk-gateway-packet for "japon fonts needs
> to be installed" bugrep. Dunny, but ⇑ and ⇓ seems
> to be correct here. May be the client web browser is corrupt.
> Also added send_redirects=0 to /etc/sysctl.conf. Added the
> following nvram info to cgi-bin-status: ^lan_, ^wan_, ^vlan
> and static_route. Added /etc/local.cron hook to cron.minutely.
> Added small cmdline survey tools: neigh.sh and hna.sh
> 2007-Aug-07 (1.5.27) Fixes
> 1.5.26 was out with a disfunct web UI. Corrected.
> 2007-Aug-07 (1.5.26) olsrd-0.5.3
> Upgraded to olsrd-0.5.3 (and added my patches to this version).
> Added the ff_arprefreshed options to Admin/OLSR. Because of
> several complaints about Wifi access for the Admin pages, I
> added a new setting. Use "nvram set ff_unsecure_webadmin=1"
> to (re-)activate HTTP-Password via unencrypted Wifi links.
> All admin pages: changed 'unescape $x' to 'httpd -d $x' but
> left the original unescape function in cgi-bin-pre.sh to
> maintain compat.
> 2007-Jul-25 (1.5.25) New arprefresh plugin for olsr
> Removed the extra daemon and included arp-refresh as plugin.
> Updated the external arprefreshed.ipk also which now includes
> a kernel level filter for UDP(portnum) packets. Currently, all
> received OLSR packets trigger an ARP refresh which may introduce
> unwanted ARP poisoning. Need to add plausicheck examining the
> current host routes. Changed the default download addrs from
> "download.olsrexperiment.de" to "download.berlin.freifunk.net".
> Also adapted the freifunk-gateway-??.ipk to the new domain.
> 2007-Jul-25 (1.5.24) further fixes
> Added the TZ environment var to the busybox-cgi-bin envlist for
> use with the statistics/rrd packet. Added an experimental daemon
> for refreshing arp from olsr broadcasts to freifunk-recommended-de
> (arprefreshed). According to olsr-changelog, critical fix with the
> olsrd-dot-draw plugin integrated.
> 2007-Jul-21 (1.5.23) fixes
> Map/Goto dropdown does not work on MSIE. Added "-e mac filter" to
> the horst tool. Changed /sbin/wifi: if an nvram variable is there
> but its empty, the tool uses zero always. Bad with wl0_rts. So theres
> a difference between "nvram unset wl0_rts" and "nvram set wl0_rts=".
> Changed behaviour: If nvram var is empty, it does nothing. For rts,
> this means the card default of 2347 now stays configured. Brrr.
> Corrected the "no wan_hostname -> olsr-nameservice oops". Finished
> the olsr policy routing changes (inkl. ipv6). Corrected the bad habit
> of mis-configuring wan_device if proto=pppoe. wan_device should stay
> on the same setting always, whereas the logical wan_ifname should
> change on pppoe or not pppoe. Added dell 2300 to S05nvram. Completely
> removed the IPC and apm stuff from freifunk-olsrd to save space.
> 2007-Jul-18 (1.5.22) policy default route
> Renamed the ff_dyngw switch in Admin/OLSR to ff_policyrt. Which is
> decativted by default. If policy is activated, the "default" table now
> is also maintained by olsrd and it has a mirrored freifunk-defroute entry.
> Just in case, sme. has no manual defroute and wonders why no inet. Also
> changed cgi-bin-status to *list all* as well as /sbin/route now lists
> all if no params appended. So just enter "route" to list all routing.
> 2007-Jul-18 (1.5.21) "access denied" fixed
> Grmbl. Made again the error not to escape "$" into "\$". Fixed.
> 2007-Jul-18 (1.5.20) olsrd-0.5.2
> Changed forms[0] to mapform in cgi-bin-map.html (if another form
> is in the html template, "goto node" etc does not function). Switched
> to olsrd-0.5.2. Fixed a bug preventing all nodes in the neighbourhood
> of a double-wlan-card-both-adhoc not to function properly. Removed the
> pubpack from web-ui to save space.
> 2007-Jul-20 (1.5.19) does not exist (no -DSUPPORT_OLD_PLUGIN_VERSIONS in 
> olsrd)
> 2007-Jul-17 (1.5.18) minor stuff (aka Schnickschack)
> Added all iptables*.so to a tar bz (there are some missing in the ipks).
> Fixed HTTP/Password Access forbidden /var/etc/httpd.conf if no LAN IP.
> Fixed removal && conversion of ff_txpwr to wl0_txpwr in S14nvram.
> 2007-Jul-13 (1.5.17)
> Mixed up versions during upload. So today two version. Also changed:
> Removed the "LANOLSR" query from http-login-denied. Its not practical
> und does not really help to improve security. Re-Added the fakepop ipk.
> Removed an accidential debug output from olsrd.
> 2007-Jul-12 (1.5.16) Txpwr fixes
> Fixed the txpwr chaos (hopefully). This was the situation:
> * Web-Admin/Wifi changes wl0_txpwr, but states "units is mW"
> * wl0_txpwr is applied in /sbin/wifi. If no such variable, the
>   wifi cmd uses pa0maxpwr. The wl.o variable accepts qdbm (1/4 dbm)
> * /etc/init.d/S53olsrd applied "wl txpwr $(nvram get ff_txpwr)"
>   this time the unit was "mW".
> While setting the qdbm variable, the driver obeyes to internal
> limits (aka "Regulatory Limits", evnt. minus antenna gain and the
> "EIRP" mode?). Changed txpwr handling to get more control here:
> * Web-Admin/Wifi now states "qdbm" and has "override" switch as
>   well as a calculator for that stuff.
> * No more "ff_txpwr" (removed from /etc/init.d/S53olsrd)
> * /etc/init.d/S14nvram grabs ff_txpwr, compares with wl0_txpwr
>   and sets the higher value into wl0_txpwr for use with /sbin/wifi
>   ff_txpwr is then removed. May be suitable for over-the-air update.
> 2007-Jul-10 (1.5.15) Mrate default change
> There where missing B-Mode nodes and the 6mbit default is obviously
> to high. I have a node which communicates fine with mrate=11, but
> nothing with mrate=6. So I lowered a bit to mrate=5.5 (this is a
> default, a fixed mrate is better than auto!). Added a ff_deflev to
> keep track of the defaults changes and added a "if rts is activated
> with defaults, simply deactivate it). Added wl rate & wl mrate to
> the status web page.
> 2007-Jul-10 (1.5.14) some fixes
> Fixed a bug in netparam (with tunnels the script does not
> work, thanks to pud for submitting this). Added a simple
> hook to cron.minutely for a shell scipt /tmp/.autorun. This
> makes it easy to deploy changes if you happen to be the admin
> for a bigger number of nodes. Example:
> vi /tmp/.autorun
>   #!/bin/sh
>   nvram set wl0_mrate=12000000 commit
>   wifi
>   rm $0
> chmod +x /tmp/.autorun
> scp /tmp/.autorun root at
> While I'm at it: I added a new variable named ff_pubkey. You
> can place a dropbear compatible entry here to be written into
> /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys after flashing a new firmware.
> If you know how to "ssh-keygen -t dsa", you know what to do
> with it. And there is more: the firstboot script extracts
> ff_autorun to /tmp/.autorun.firstboot and runs that file.
> Added WLC_SET_GMODE_PROTECTION_CTS to /sbin/wifi and /usr/sbin/wl
> (we have a Web UI setting but it's ignored). Check wan_hostname
> and replace unallowed chars (anything but [a-zA-Z0-9-] is not
> compat with DNS-Names) in the Admin/System page. Added a plausi
> check to ff_adm_gps->ff_adm_latlon convert in /etc/init.d/S14nvram.
> 2007-Jul-07 (1.5.13) olsrd-0.5.1
> Switched to olsrd-1.5.1 and merged my patches. Added the
> missing "wl0_mrate" setting to wificonf (/sbin/wifi up).
> Added two more options to /var/etc/httpd.conf. P:ip/mask
> allows password pages from this net, Q:* disallows from
> all other ips. This will prevent people from typing in
> the password over unsecured wifi as well as preventing
> hacking attempts via WAN (if httpd is reachable there).
> Also changed: new "-f" for traceroute == minttl. For many
> inet gw's the first hop is blocked -> cron.minutely
> Also introduced a small threshold for default-gw switches.
> We all know: defgw mostly uses NAT, so continuous switching
> produces lost connection. If route old_etx/new_ext for a defgw
> is between 0.95 and 1.05, no routeing changes will occur.
> Note: With this version, I include the recommendation to set
> the multicast rate to 6 mbit as well as the setting:
> * There is no known B-Mode Wifi which runs reliable
>   in a mesh. 6 Mbit enforces OFDM, so no B-Mode card
>   can get a route which will effectly cut off any
>   very old equipment from the mesh. B-Mode cards
>   should be used for longlinks (managed!) only.
> * The LQ/ETX calculation suffers from bitrate floating.
>   Other rate == other packetloss / range. Because in a
>   bigger mesh, the OLSR packets will use significant
>   airtime, you should not use the 1-2 Mbit rates. Air
>   time for 6 Mbit is one third downto one sixth!
> * With 6 Mbit, wifi range should be reasonable as well.
>   Otherwise fix your antenna.
> * A Node broadcasting in a fixed rate will understand
>   other nodes broadcasting with another speed.
> * If you use a multicast application, setting the rate
>   higher will lead to more packet loss. Which is a problem
>   with multicast all the time...
> 2007-Jul-01 (1.5.12) SPF reactivated
> Got a fix from gregor, metrics should be OK now with
> the OLSRD-SPF-refactoring CPU-save patch.
> 2007-Jul-01 (1.5.11) Grmbl. More fixes
> To bad: missed the wl update and one of my olsrd-hacks
> provokes to much unnecessary syslogs.
> 2007-Jul-01 (1.5.10) Pollrate fix
> Oops - high packet loss on ether links. Due to bad pollrate.
> Changed to 0.05 which is the correct value.
> 2007-Jun-28 (1.5.9) Olsr fixes
> The spf-refactoring is calculating the hopcount wrong. Which
> introducts to many unnecessary routing changes. Hacked by
> using metric=1 for all routes which will break e.g. the
> OLSR-VIZ  javascript metric selection.
> Also changed the add/del strategy for changeing routes. Normally,
> you remove the old entry and then create a new one. Which will lead
> to a small timeslot with no route. For this, I'll try to add the new
> route first. If that fails, the new route is added once more after
> removing the old one. Repaired: Policy routing now returns error
> messages if (rtnetlink recvmsg() was not implemented until now).
> Also missed to change the pollrate (was: 0.5, fixed to 0.05). Sorry
> for all the packet loss on ethernet ;-)
> Added an input file to the nameservices-latlon stuff. You can now
> use PlParam "latlon-infile" "/tmp/bla.txt", then write 1.23,2.34
> in there to change the nodes announced geopos during runtime. Also
> added Mid()'s to the js file for "this node" (if it has more that
> one iface).
> 2007-Jun-28 (1.5.8) More Fixes
> Changed map icons. Added an ipk with berlin old nodes for
> the map feature (ipkg install freifunk-berlin-mapaddon).
> 2007-Jun-27 (1.5.6) Fixes
> Added the name to olsrd-nameservice/latlon as well as fixed
> the HNA lookup. Fixed wl not to put out too much '%'.
> 2007-Jun-27 (1.5.5) Experimental Map
> Added the geopos stuff to olsrd. We now have a first draft
> of a decentralized map (done with virtual earth). Currently
> not showing links.
> 2007-Jun-25 (1.5.5) Fixes in toolchain
> Wanted to get up the build stuff on a PC with non-i386 and a
> /bin/sh other than bash. Also: the "tar" tool always changes
> options. Grmbl. Fixed.
> 2007-Jun-25 (1.5.5) RTS/CTS
> After a lengthy discussion, we now recommend to switch off RTS/CTS
> completely. To do this, the red X in the Web-UI's todo list now
> reflects this.
> 2007-Jun-24 (1.5.5) Geopos
> Changed the Geopos input on admin/contact info. The ff_adm_gps variable
> renamed to ff_adm_latlon because everyone is used to enter latitude first.
> Adapted F1-onlinehelp text accordingly. Variable will be converted auto-
> matically during flash/next boot in /etc/init.d/S14nvram.
> 2007-Jun-23 (1.5.4) olsrd spf-refactoring
> Our vieanna fellows has optimized the routing/dijstra calculation. This
> is included as well as olsrd-BMF 1.5 and some fixes for olsrd. I skipped
> the LQ_Threshold stuff because it does not work correctly.
> Also: wl radio on/off added.
> 2007-May-23 (1.5.3) Fixes
> Encoding change to iso-8859-2 in template.pl (for polish) was incorrect.
> Also fixed a bug in the olsrd/process_routes.c patch (to much routeing
> change ignores, only affects hna gw switches now).
> 2007-May-22 (1.5.2) Fix for routing loops
> The LQ_Threshold leads to routing loops and maybe the default 1.5
> factor for LQ_Threshold (if newETX < oldETX/1.5 or newETX > oldETX*1.5
> then switch routes) is too high especially for ethernet links. Changed
> that parameter to only affect HNA routes (if they are a bit more "lazy",
> the NAT gateway users may be more happy). Also Lorenz upgraded dnsmasq to
> a more recent version and fixed some issues in gen-openwrt for the kit.
> Also added the polish translation.
> 2007-May-22 (1.5.1) Fix for missing ipkg.conf
> /etc/ipkg.conf is empty because my auto-switch-to-testing-repo
> script have had a flaw. Fixed. Added iptraf to the ipkg repo, so
> ipkg install freifunk-recommended-xx has less to complain.
> 2007-May-17 (1.5.0) A new testing version
> Time to continue with a maintenance circle. This testing version
> has the current olsrd-0.5.0+cvs, a freifunk-tcpdump with olsr
> (use -v) and a lower olsrd pollrate to fix an udp buffer overflow
> especially if a higher number of nodes are in close range / are
> linked by ethernet connections. Also included: olsrd-policy-
> routing, to be activated with RtTable!=254 (start scripts still
> need some massage for this) and a first version of a cleanup of
> process_routes.c with additonal LQ_Threshold > 1.0.
> 2006-Dez-12 (1.4.6) P2P filtering started
> We have severe probs with brute-force-users (mainly P2P). They
> open so much connections, the gateway router dies because out
> of mem. Lowered conntrack_max from 16k to 8k (each conn needs
> 350 byte == 2.8 Mb) as a first countermeasure. Enable SYN_COOKIES
> option in kernel disabled by accident. Fixed a bug with insmod
> ipv6 -> netparam script stubles over "sit0 at NONE" interface name

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