[Ran] WEP sous Freifunk

François Laperruque flap at mynetmemo.com
Jeu 28 Sep 22:44:09 CEST 2006

Extrait de la doc openwrt...

4.3. WEP encryption

*NVRAM variable*





*disabled* = disabled WEP, *enabled* = enable WEP



*1* .. *4* = Select WEP key to use



WEP key in hexadecimal format (allowed hex chars are 0-9a-f). *Example:* 
nvram set wl0_key1=0D77F08849E4B1D839C9489A48



*1* (shared key) / *0* (open); the 'shared key' option is not 
recommended as it allows an intruder to exploit a fundamental security 
flaw in WEP (WPA was introduced as the better system; see below). The 
'open' setting will allow association but will make it an intruder more 
difficult to find the encryption key, needed for traffic.

Avoid using WEP keys with 00 at the end, otherwise the driver won't be 
able to detect the key length correctly. A 128 bit WEP key must be 26 
hex digits long ; string key format is also supported : *nvram set 
wl0_key1='s:my string key'*

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