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Le 25/09/2006 17:07, Thomas Gee a écrit :
> Vous en pensez quoi ?
> Merci pour l'organisation de ce WE réussi, Patrice !
> ++
> Thomas GEE
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> From: Sven-Ola Tuecke <mail2news at commando.de>
> Date: 25-Sep-2006 10:35
> Subject: [WLANware] Hijacking FON
> To: wlanware at freifunk.net
> Hi,
> experimented a bit with the FON firmware 0.6.6. Here's the outcome - an OLSR
> package on top of the FON stuff. Installation is easy: enter this command on
> the command line: "ipkg install
> http://styx.commando.de/sven-ola/testing/packages/ff-fon_0.1_mipsel.ipk"
> (without quotes of course). Enter "nvram set ff_ip=104.x.x.x/8 commit" to
> set the Freifunk IP. You may also need "nvram set
> ff_bssid=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" if your local mesh does not use
> 02:ca:ff:ee:ba:be. Issue a reboot after this.
> Some remarks:
> - This is very alpha and exerpimental. Expect major dysfuncts.
> - To deinstall, simply enter "ipkg remove ff-fon-pack" or press reset
> button.
> - Changes Wifi from Master to AdHoc mode of course.
> - DHCP users can do a login as desired.
> - You need your own internet connectivity (modem, xDSL [...]). The whole
> design will not permit you to sell what other people offer for free in the
> mesh. You may be able use a tunnel setup, if your friend on the other end of
> a mesh gives a tunnel endpoint.
> - You open up your inet gate to every user with an IP in the mesh range.
> Free as in _free beer_. There is currently no policy routing to let you
> decide. And I do not want to see any FON login prompt in our mesh networks.
> I will block login.fon.com, if I ever see such a thing.
> - Remember: FON is a commercial company and the community appeal they
> anncounce has a commercial background. Every FON user should be aware, that
> the whole thing is once selled to a major Telco. Legal conditions may change
> at any time to cope up with their shareholders requirements...
> - A double NoNo: Do not ask freifunk members for support. Ask the FON people
> instead.
> // I'am not a FONist - but I'am a cooperative one
> Sven-Ola
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Tiens !

Après BrainSlayer (DDWRT) qui est vite parti de chez FON, c'est Sven Ola 
qui étonnamment coopère avec cette boite.
FON qui n'a toujours pas participé (comme prévu) aux frais de la réunion 
de Toulouse, organisée par coffeespot, pour vous dire la mentalité de 
FON qui a obtenu des levées énormes de google et skype.

Je vois que Sven Ola reste très indépendant avec son NoNo...j'espère 
qu'il sera bien payé pour son module OLSR FON...s'il est payé!

Thomas, on avait bien entendu juste sur ce que nous avait exposé 
Magescas...il s'agit bien de faire un réseau mesh chez FON...

Sylvain Lacaze
association WiFi Quercy
08 11 95 75 90
06 27 08 18 85

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