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Thomas Gee thomas.gee at gmail.com
Lun 25 Sep 17:07:44 CEST 2006

Vous en pensez quoi ?

Merci pour l'organisation de ce WE réussi, Patrice !

Thomas GEE

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From: Sven-Ola Tuecke <mail2news at commando.de>
Date: 25-Sep-2006 10:35
Subject: [WLANware] Hijacking FON
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experimented a bit with the FON firmware 0.6.6. Here's the outcome - an OLSR
package on top of the FON stuff. Installation is easy: enter this command on
the command line: "ipkg install
(without quotes of course). Enter "nvram set ff_ip=104.x.x.x/8 commit" to
set the Freifunk IP. You may also need "nvram set
ff_bssid=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" if your local mesh does not use
02:ca:ff:ee:ba:be. Issue a reboot after this.

Some remarks:

- This is very alpha and exerpimental. Expect major dysfuncts.

- To deinstall, simply enter "ipkg remove ff-fon-pack" or press reset

- Changes Wifi from Master to AdHoc mode of course.

- DHCP users can do a login as desired.

- You need your own internet connectivity (modem, xDSL [...]). The whole
design will not permit you to sell what other people offer for free in the
mesh. You may be able use a tunnel setup, if your friend on the other end of
a mesh gives a tunnel endpoint.

- You open up your inet gate to every user with an IP in the mesh range.
Free as in _free beer_. There is currently no policy routing to let you
decide. And I do not want to see any FON login prompt in our mesh networks.
I will block login.fon.com, if I ever see such a thing.

- Remember: FON is a commercial company and the community appeal they
anncounce has a commercial background. Every FON user should be aware, that
the whole thing is once selled to a major Telco. Legal conditions may change
at any time to cope up with their shareholders requirements...

- A double NoNo: Do not ask freifunk members for support. Ask the FON people

// I'am not a FONist - but I'am a cooperative one

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